Eclipse costumes III.

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Edward and Bella in the Meadow Opening Scenes


The only meadow scene in Eclipse I can think of is when Edward gives in and tries to do it Bella's way and he finally gets her to keep the ring.
Thanks to Brittany for this suggestion
3/4 Sleeve Large Plaid Shirt from Aeropostale
Not available online but check your local Aeropostale store 

Bella in Edward's New Bed the night before the battle


Images were leaked for this scene but they are not official yet so I'm not putting them up because they will just be taken down. I will however look for the clothing. 
The plaid:
Thanks to Alekonna
Hollister Checked Shirt 2009

Thanks to raleyalexis

Thanks to joilieaixchel for the idea of it being a shirt from Gap's 2009 Holiday Collection.  After going through Gap ads this is what I found. It is no longer for sale at but you might be able to find it on sale at your local store.

Edward's Bedroom:


Bella's Blue Hooded Top


Thanks to Geena it is a Billabong Freemont Thermal top
On ebay right now there is one being sold in white, I cannot find it in Bella's Maroon color
It almost seems like she is wearing this same top under her jacket.  It just looks blue with yellow detail in this image

Bella in Bed with Edward


I think it is the same sweater as this scene with Charlie
Sweater: Thanks to Geena

The Brand is called Inhabit
Inhabit Cardigan Cotton Button Sweater
sold by:
Thank you to Courtney for sending me this picture

Thanks to Glittergal
American Eagle Artist Jeans in Bright Medium Wash
You can buy Bella's Bedding online at Target

Alice at School


Thanks to Anjali on Coolspotters:
 Marc by Marc Jacobs Pansy-Print Dress

Eclipse Poster

Hollister Laguna Skinny Stretch Jeans in Grey
Keds Women's Champion Sneaker in Navy


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